Help and Support

GrowthBot is brought to you by HubSpot Labs (the folks that run the community). HubSpot Labs is a tiny team, and GrowthBot is a new, beta project. We're working hard to give you a useful tool that's fun to work with. But, it's early software, so please be patient with us.

If you need help or have feedback, here's how to reach me.

Option 1 (preferred)

Just email us at (remember to change the zero to an "o"). We'll get to you within 24 hours -- often faster.

Option 2

Send a message: "send feedback your feedback here" right to GrowthBot.

Option 3

HubSpot's founder/CTO (Dharmesh Shah) is the one writing all the code right now. And doing all the support. And all the marketing. You can tweet him rants and raves at @dharmesh

He'd be thrilled if you wrote a blog article or tweeted or otherwise helped others learn about GrowthBot. It makes his day.